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The gaming community has been longing to see a movie based on the World of Warcraft series, and next year they’ll get their wish. But watching this first trailer, two things spring to mind: just how much is this movie going to look like The Lord of the Rings, and just how much of it is going to be accessible to newbies who’ve never played WoW in their lives (or even heard of it). On the first point, it’s going to look a lot like The Lord of the Rings unless they sharpen up the CGI (the orcs don’t look that great yet), and on the second point, the storyline looks simple enough to follow from what’s shown in the trailer, but let’s hope it’s not too simple. Director Duncan Jones is a good choice, and he’s got a great cast helping him bring it all to life, but at this stage, it’s still too early to tell whether this will be more miss than hit, or vice versa.