Happy Birthday

The idea here is that two or three times each week (hopefully) I’ll be celebrating an actor or actress’s birthday by listing five of their more interesting movie roles. These movies won’t necessarily be their most famous roles; instead it will be an attempt to highlight some of the movies that people might not be aware they’ve appeared in, or parts that have been overlooked. This strand began on 22 November 2015.

Ben Affleck

Jenny Agutter

Sean Bean

Lara Flynn Boyle

Kenneth Branagh

Ellen Burstyn

Vincent Cassel

Daniel Craig

Jamie Lee Curtis

Laura Dern

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Isla Fisher

Jodie Foster

Scott Glenn

Rebecca Hall

Sandrine Holt

Allison Janney

Milla Jovovich

Julianne Moore

Carey Mulligan

Kathleen Quinlan

Meg Ryan

Winona Ryder

Julian Sands