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We’ve had a deluge of new trailers hit the Internet over the past week, and most of them thanks to this year’s Comic-Con extravaganza. With the big studios choosing this event to reveal the majority of their tentpole, blockbuster movies for 2019, it’s a set up that’s guaranteed to have fanboys in ecstacy, and the rest of us slapping our foreheads like Homer Simpson on being told Moe’s Tavern has run out of Duff beer. Of all the trailers that have been released, two show that their respective studios haven’t learnt anything from past mistakes, while the rest display a heavy reliance on the kind of wow factor that used to really, truly, actually make an impact (is it really twenty-two years since the trailer for Independence Day showed the White House being obliterated?). So, in something of a first for thedullwoodexperiment, here’s a rundown of the trailers seen at Comic-Con, along with a one word comment that is really, truly, actually the only word(s) for them…

Aquaman – blah

Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald – blah

Glass – hmmm

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – blah

Shazam – whoops

Titans – blah