A word about thedullwoodexperiment

It began as a website that I set up back in January 2013. The idea was to provide reviews of the kinds of movies you don’t usually see reviews of, such as the Air Bud series, and lots of low-budget indie/horror/sci-fi/drama/comedy movies. Watching the movies was often fun, but too much of a “good” thing (as they say) lead to a kind of critical overload, and I began to want to expand into broader film territories: the big-budget Hollywood movies we all flock to see at the cinema, as well as foreign movies and movies that are all pretty good but often get a 7/10 or 3/5 review. I also had a problem with the time I needed to maintain the site and post the reviews – often I might spend 90 minutes watching a film, only to find I needed the same amount of time – or longer – to post the review. As I work full-time and have a shed-load of other activities and responsibilities to deal with, something had to give…

And so, here we have thedullwoodexperiment reincarnated as a blog.  There’ll be more reviews covering a wider selection of movies, and hopefully, posts that will comment on the past, present and future of cinema. My hope is that people will find thedullwoodexperiment an enjoyable place to visit, and that the reviews will trigger a degree of debate.

Thanks for reading!