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For anyone with an interest in movies, there’s generally a point in time when they realise that there’s one aspect of movie watching that provides more pleasure than all the others. It might be a particular genre, horror perhaps, or historical dramas, or movies set in a specific country. It might be a certain theme (addiction, corporate crime), or movies made by the same director or actor. Whatever it is, any movies connected with that aspect will come to mean the cinematic equivalent of comfort food, and sometimes, even if the movie is really, really, really bad, you’ll still gain some degree of satisfaction from watching it.

For me, horror movies fit the bill. I grew up watching them, I continue to watch them (good, bad, or frankly appalling), and if I’m having a really bad day, or just feel completely fed up or miserable, I sit down and watch the worst horror movie I can find. (We’re talking Leprechaun: Origins (2014) levels of bad here.) And it always does the trick.

With that in mind, let me introduce a new feature on thedullwoodexperiment: For One Week Only. The idea is to focus on one theme or actor or country’s output or cinematographer or point in history (or future) or genre or production company – you get the gist. This feature will occur roughly every six to eight weeks and will cover the selected topic/person in some detail across the week. During these weeks the regular reviews and trailer alerts will continue to appear, but will take a back seat to the new feature. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated, as will any suggestions for future weeks.

The first For One Week Only begins on Monday 17 August with a look at the Australian movie industry, and will comprise a kind of potted history of its development, and include reviews of movies that have been either instrumental in bringing Australia’s output to the attention of international audiences, or have a historical significance. Australian cinema is unique, and I’m looking forward to exploring that strange, wicked, off-beat world in all its cinematic glory. I can’t wait to get started on Monday – as Nux from Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) might say, “What a day! What a lovely day!”

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